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A working oil/water separator is an integral part of a well designed land drainage system and is essential for facility compliance with the Clean Water Act.  Clearly the shift toward comprehensive storm water quality management is tightening up on the accidental and chronic low level releases of oil polluted water releases into navigable rivers and sewer systems.  Likewise the inclusion of storm water as a regulated pollution source subject to qualification and permitting will surprise many unsuspecting facility operators with existing drainage systems.

The Clean Water Act and Water Quality Act prohibit the discharge of any pollutants to navigable waters from a point source unless the discharge is authorized by a NPDES (National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System) permit.  Earlier efforts to improve water quality under the NPDES program focused on industrial process waste water and municipal sewage.

Many, many public and private facilities will be affected.  Among those facilities most immediately affected include:
•  Petroleum Marketing - specifically service stations and convenience stores
•  Automobile/Truck/Fleet repair and maintenance shops
•  Airports, Bus Terminals and railroad yards
•  Parking lots, for example - shopping centers and municipal lots
•  Bulk oil terminals/Loading racks, refineries, utilities, material handling facilities and Petro-Chemical plants

THE J. L. HOUSTON CO. / Steel Tank Institute® Oil/Water Separators are available in sizes from 500 gallons up to 30,000 gallons.  Please contact us so we may discuss your particular requirements and develop a system that will meet your needs.
Tested and listed by Underwriters Laboratory as a Special Purpose Tank.

Available in fire-protected, fire-resistant, double wall or single-wall flanged designs with a load bearing capacity of 6,000 pounds per attachment point.

Protected tank construction tested to UL2085. Fire-resistant construction tested to SwRI 97-04.

Low-profile rectangular design with capacity of up to 13,000 gallons, 48” high, 136” wide and 465” long

Protected tank design also available with internal supports with a load-bearing capacity up to 17,500 lb. per support beam.